University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina

With a New Introduction by the Author

From the Foreword to the Percheron Press Edition . . .

“Stanley South’s productivity and the arguments presented in this book are a solid foundation on which to build a vital and growing historical archaeology.”
Lewis R. Binford, Southern Methodist University

Praise from readers . . .

“[O]ne of the two or three most influential books in historical archaeology. The scientific approach outlined and practiced throughout the book still dominates historical archaeology.”
Mark P. Leone, University of Maryland, College Park

“[This] book completely revolutionized the way Americanists viewed historical archaeology. Much of the way that today’s generation of scholars approaches the historical record grows out of [this] work.”
Michael J. O'Brien, University of Missouri, Columbia

“[T]he most important piece of theoretical work ever written in historical archaeology. [I]t forced historical archaeology to mature.”
Charles E. Orser, Jr., Illinois State University

“The publication of Method and Theory in Historical Archeology was the high point for the impact of the ‘New Archaeology’ and processual studies on historical archaeology.”
Robert L. Schuyler, University of Pennsylvania

A volume in the series Foundations of Archaeology

ISBN 978-0-9712427-3-9/386 pp./illus./January 2002/$39.50