Essays on Early Agriculture in Eastern North America

Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D.C.

With Contributions by C. Wesley Cowan and Michael P. Hoffman

Winner of the AHA’s James Henry Breasted Prize

From the reviews . . .

“. . . the best single source on the questions, methods, and database pertaining to the origins of plant domestication and food production in eastern North America.”
American Anthropologist

“[T]he most insightful, broadly cast examination of pre-maize candidates for domestication yet published.”
American Antiquity

“Smith has put the pieces of the puzzle together and made a compelling case for recognizing the Eastern Woodlands as an independent center of domestication.”
Journal of Anthropological Research

“This book stands as a major statement by a noted North American archaeologist and is recommended to anyone interested in crop origins.”
Quarterly Review of Biology

Published by Smithsonian Institution Press

ISBN 978-1-5883404-6-5/paperback/318 pp./illus./1992/$32.50