A Perspective on Anxiety and Depression

Institute of Psychology / Polish Academy of Sciences
Warsaw, Poland

From a review . . .

“I would recommend this book to any serious scholar of personality [who] would like to think about and consider the broader issues in this domain, and what they might mean in terms of how we understand and study personality. When read with this goal in mind, this book certainly provides a worthwhile perspective that contributes to our understanding of the complexity of personality.”
Nicholas A. Kuiper, in Personality and Individual Differences

From the Foreword . . .

“In this detailed and thought-provoking book, Małgorzata Fajkowska provides a novel perspective on personality and its expressions in anxiety and depression. Her theory is well founded, resplendent in factual description and theoretical nuance, and bound to stimulate new thinking and research.”
Philip J. Corr, University of East Anglia

Prepublication praise . . .

“This book represents a substantial advance. The author develops a complex theoretical edifice that combines in a judicial way the biological, psychological, and situational approaches to personality. I am certain that Fajkowska’s new theory will exert much influence in the years ahead.”
Michael W. Eysenck, Roehampton University, Whitelands College

“A masterpiece. This book includes many new ideas, presents new material, and constitutes the platform for a new approach to personality. Fajkowska has attempted a tour de force and has written a book that will be difficult—if not impossible—for anyone interested in personality to overlook.”
Shulamith Kreitler, Tel Aviv University

“In this book Małgorzata Fajkowska presents her Complex-System Approach to Personality, a pioneering attempt to integrate personality research that proposes a model in which temperament traits and attentional processes are functionally related. An original and unique contribution to the literature on personality.”
Jan Strelau, University of Social Sciences and Humanities


Personality coherence and incoherence: An overview of the book

Part I. A Complex-System Approach to Personality

General view of a system-based approach to personality

Chapter 1
A Complex–System Approach to Personality: Related meta-theoretical issues

Chapter 2
Specifying the personality architecture within theComplex-System Approach to Personality: From related meta-theory to theory

Part II. Anxiety and depression in the Complex-System Approach to Personality

Introducing anxiety and depressed mood: The complex phenomena

Chapter 3
Anxiety and depression within the System of Integration and Regulation Stimulation

Chapter 4
Anxiety and depression within the structure of coherent and incoherent types of personalities

Chapter 5
Coherent/incoherent personality structures and attentional stimulation processing

Part III. Epilogue

Chapter 6
Looking to the future: A need for integrative models of personality



ISBN 978-0-9797731-4-3/hardcover/314 pp./illus./October 2013/$85.00