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University of Delaware
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From the Prologue to the Percheron Press Edition . . .

“In 1969 John Lofland sought to organize the sociology of deviance. He presented a synthesis, a framework, and invited sociologists to evaluate it. That invitation still stands and it deserves to be accepted.”

From the reviews . . .

“[A]n attempt to systematize, elaborate, and extend—occasionally with insight and imagination—the concepts generated by Goffman’s sociology of everyday life.”
John I. Kitsuse in American Sociological Review

“At a time when the field of deviance is being flooded by redundant books of readings, it is most refreshing to encounter a theoretically oriented work which attempts to bring together and synthesize some of the currently popular literature in this area.”
Steven G. Lubeck in Social Forces

“[B]elong[s] to a current and dominant trend in modern sociology which places deviance in its natural and total cultural context.”
Marvin K. Opler in American Journal of Sociology

A volume in the series Foundations of Sociology

ISBN 978-0-9712427-9-1/paperback/362 pp./illus./July 2002/$47.50