Africans and Europeans on the Gold Coast, 1400–1900

Syracuse University
Syracuse, New Yor

With a New Prologue by the Author

Praise from readers . . .

“The most comprehensive archaeological study of any historic site on the West African coast. In a new prologue, DeCorse reviews extensive new research—particularly in the areas of Atlantic transformations, settlement history, and maritime cultural resources.”
Leland Ferguson, University of South Carolina

“A watershed in the study of global encounters that shaped the human experience in the African littorals. This groundbreaking book will continue to serve as an interdisciplinary template and resource for understanding African Atlantic history.”
Akin Ogundiran, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

From the reviews . . .

“[A] work of impressive scholarship. Scholars working in Ghanaian and West African history, Atlantic World studies, trans-Atlantic slave trade studies, and word-systems studies, and historical archaeology will find it a rich source of information and many new insights.”
Ray A Kea in Journal of African Archaeology

“[A]n exceptionally well-written and well-sourced study of life in an evolving African coastal community during the era of the trans-Atlantic trade. The book will doubtlessly become a classic study of culture contact and change in Africa.”
J. Cameron Monroe in International Journal of African Historical Studies

A volume in the series Foundations of Archaeology

ISBN 978-0-7342818-2-8/paperback/308 pp./illus./August 2021/$45.00