A Methodological Exploration

Chifeng International Collaborative Archeological Research Project
The Chifeng region in northeastern China lies near the traditional frontier between the large settled agricultural zone of the Yellow River basin and the varied, sometimes mobile, pastoral, and agricultural adaptations of Eurasia. Beginning in 6000 B.C. the region witnessed the development of sedentary farming, the emergence of Hongshan chiefdoms, the consolidation and dissolution of Lower Xiajiadian petty states, and eventual Han imperial domination

With full text in English and Chinese, Regional Archeology in Eastern Inner Mongolia: A Methodological Exploration presents maps and discussion of changing settlement patterns through seven thousand years across an intensively surveyed area of 765 square kilometers. Since regional settlement study is—at its core—demographic analysis, attention is focused on field and analytical methods for reconstructing ancient populations and their distributions. Methods used in other parts of the world are made more rigorous and systematic and are integrated with knowledge derived from extensive excavations of Chinese habitation sites.

The Chifeng International Collaborative Archeological Research Project is composed of scholars and students from the Palace Museum, Inner Mongolia Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Jilin University, University of Pittsburgh, Hebrew University, Geological Survey of Israel, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Harvard University, and University of California at Los Angeles.


Preface I by Zhang Bai
Preface II by Zhang Zhongpei
Preface III by Katheryn M. Linduff

Chifeng International Collaborative Archeological Research Project

Changing Patterns of Settlement Distribution in the Chifeng Region
Teng Mingyu, Ta La, Zhu Yanping, Guo Zhizhong, Gideon Shelach, Robert D. Drennan, Katheryn L. Linduff

Methods for Archeological Settlement Study
Robert D. Drennan, Teng Mingyu, Christian E. Peterson, Gideon Shelach, Gregory G. Indrisano, Zhu Yanping, Katheryn M. Linduff, Guo Zhizhong, and Manual A. Román-Lacayo

Approaches to Regional Demographic Reconstruction
Robert D. Drennan, Christian E. Peterson, Gregory G. Indrisano, Teng Mingyu, Gideon Shelach, Zhu Yanping, Katheryn M. Linduff, and Guo Zhizhong

Using and Improving Regional Analysis
Gideon Shelach and Chifeng International Collaborative Archeological Research Project


Published in China by Science Press (Beijing)

ISBN 978-7-0301163-5-2/hardcover/219 pp./illus./October 2003/$34.50