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With a New Introduction by the Author

From the reviews . . .

“There are many things to admire about this book. . . . [T]he treatment of the methods is very solid and to the point. I especially like the way in which Baxter explores their strengths and weaknesses in applied settings. . . . [W]ritten at a level that most archaeologists will find comprehensible.”
Mark S. Aldenderfer in American Antiquity

“[A]n excellent tool and reference for the practicing archaeo-statistician, as well as for the novice who wishes to get acquainted with multivariate statistical methods. In it one obtains practical advice from an experienced practitioner . . . . I like this book and recommend it.”
Kenneth L Kvamme in Archaeological Computing Newsletter

“[A] no-nonsense account of the main multivariate techniques used in archaeology . . . . The style is straightforward and clear, and well in tune with the needs of the reader. . . . The tone is balanced and reasonable . . . . [F]or anyone who analyses multivariate data in archaeology.”
Clive Orton in Journal of Archaeological Science

A volume in the series Foundations of Archaeology

ISBN 978-0-9898249-3-4/paperback/330 pp./illus./est. February 2015/$39.50