Revealing™ Archaeology

published by Thinking Strings, LLC, South Orange, New Jersey

Students are offered a compelling look at the principles and procedures of archaeological research.
The eight modules include:

  • Humanity’s Imprint
  • Leaving a Trail
  • Tracking Down Time
  • Charting Time
  • Following the Trail
  • Detecting Technology
  • Provisioning Society
  • Preserving the Trail


Students explore theoretical and methodological approaches of modern anthropological archaeology in a clearly organized framework.

Uses cutting edge multimedia technologies. Narration, animation, and sound enliven the learning experience.

Achievement Profile emphasizes progress and acts as a clearly organized table of contents and navigational hub.

Assistance Palette includes integrated Glossary, Bibliography, Notepad, Search, Recent Pages, Review, and Help.

Exercises encourage analytic understanding of content.

Designed for adoption in college and university courses in anthropological archaeology. Affordable student cost.

Instructors who adopt Revealing™ Archaeology for class use receive the time-saving Thinking Strings Interactive Grade Book® at no charge.

CD-ROM runs on both Apple Macintosh® and Windows® computers.

Content is fully customizable to meet the needs of specific courses.

Instructors, please contact Eliot Werner Publications to receive a free examination copy.