The Great Training Robbery



University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


With a New Introduction by the Author


From the Foreword . . .


“[P]rovides the reader with rich fare.  . . .  Berg has opened up important new questions and has cast serious doubts upon accepted answers to old questions . . . .  In attacking the hallowed beliefs of statesmen, employers, economists, and educators, he has let in new light where light has long been needed.  And he has done so with scholarly acumen, stylistic grace, and a saving sense of humor—qualities all too rare in academe.”


Eli Ginzberg, Columbia University


From the reviews . . .


“[This] brilliantly subtitled book . . . is a major contribution to understanding the reality of the labor market.”


Robert A. Nixon in Social Policy


“[A] brief, lucid, and devastating book which deserves to be widely read.”


Lawrence Stone in New York Review of Books


A volume in the series Foundations of Sociology


ISBN 0-9712427-5-5/paperback/266  pp./illus./January 2003/$36.00